Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-05-31 03:56:48 (UTC)

You'll never see me fall from grace

About 20 minutes or so (I'm guessing since my watch is
still dead and I'm not getting another one out of respect
for it, I've had it for well over a year) after we entered
Dalry, we stopped at some roadside. It wasn't in Dalry
though, it was somewhere else but I never cared enough to
ask. We'd been there before during a day trip a few times
so I should have remembered its name. I was glad t get out
of that damned box on wheels for some air and to cool
down. Since I came dressed in an outfit approriate for a
big, open house, I was heating up too much in the small
car. Can't remmber the make. Will mention it in another
entry when I remember or it is relevant.

We all got out of the car (Christine, Ian and myself). I
was slow to start walking since I had to put my shirt on
(I had a t-shirt on then a shirt over it) so the two of
them start wandering off down the road. I want to go on to
the beach below it and look around for a stairway to go
down since it was about a 10 feet jump as well as being
almost pitch black. I noticed a set of steps going down so
I briskly walked towards them, passing the chatting duo
very quickly.

I approach the stairway, a dark, yet relatively wide set
of stairs stands before me.

I stand there for a second, seems safe enough.

I take the first step.

A voice from above. Its Christine. She warns me to be
careful and complains about being all mothering, a
continuation form something she said earlier. I reassure
her that I'll be OK.

She and Ian continue walking along the roadside.

I take the next step. A little slippy.

I move to the next step, then it happens.

I fall.

Everything slows down, my fast reactions could allow me to
stop myself from going down what must have been about 6
more steps.

But I don't stop myself

I just relax and allow myself to drop.

I phase out, not unconsious just become oblivious to my

An unknown time passes, a distant voice in the void.
Christine again, she's worried I'd guess.

I easily recover my posture but somethings wrong.

I don't feel any pain.

No muscle-ache, stings from cuts or scrapes or head-aches
(I smacked my head on at least one step or the side of the

Had the months of emotional numbness somehow transferred
itself into a physical entity?

Telling Christine I'm fine I resume walking along the
beach till I get to the next set of steps and climb them.
Christine considers going down the stairs but Ian tells
her not to (I think, he might have said soething else).
When back into a brighter environment, I examine the
damage. A lump on the right side of my head, not overly
big. A couple of scrapes on my left hand. A bruised right
palm. Finally, and most obvious is a massive graze with a
couple of cuts in it on my right arm. None of it hurts,
still doesn't. If anyone has an explanation, I'd love to
hear it. After that, we all got back in the car and went
to Tesco's in Greenock. Bought hair dye, I'm sick of that
wretched red pretending to be a shade of purple. I've went
black once more, I find it very appropriate to my current
mood. Its 5am again and I should have went to sleep as
soon as I got in.