Jenn's Journal
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2001-06-14 00:12:43 (UTC)

June 13, 2001

This is June 13, 2001 and this is the first entry in this
online journal. I figured I'd get an online journal since I
can't seem to write in a regular but one but maybe I'd type
in one. I got a job at Media Play today working in the
music department, isn't that just like me? I start Monday
the 18th. I go in from 10a-2p. Keith comes back to my house
from Buffalo tomorrow and I *can't wait*!!! I'm *so*
excited about him coming back, it's been a long 13 days. I
miss him alot. The difference between him being here this
time and when he left is that I don't have mono anymore and
I can actually be near him without any problems, which is
*so* good! *sigh* I can *finally* kiss my boyfriend again,
imagine *that*! LoL...n-e-wayz...I'm gonna get going right
now because it's after 8p and Dawson's Creek is on...yes,
it's a repeat but it's still Dawson's, ya know? I'll write
again time I do, Keith will be here...WOOHOO!!!

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