Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-05-31 03:05:30 (UTC)

Road Trip!

Ian decided to be available after all. At first we agreed
to go to the cinema to see Not Another Teen Movie at about
9.25pm. Then Christine said she couldn’t make it and so we
should go to her house around 10pm. It started raining
outside and not just light rain either. It was the heavy
kind of rain that you'd want to run around in when you're
with a lover. Not that I've known that feeling for a long
time. Well never. I haven't loved anyone that way. It’s a
guess I suppose. Mother phoned me about 10.20pm and told
she had candy. Anyone who knows anything about me knows
how much of a sweet tooth I have. But then again so does
everybody. She gave me a pack of liquorice allsorts,
midget gems and chocolate éclairs. She also gave me a bar
of Fruit and Nut and Dairy Milk. Much appreciated, I
shouldn’t eat it all at once though. I'm trying to avoid
gorging. I'll put some in my cupboard for later use.
Probably the chocolate bars.

Christine was late and I phoned her about the same time my
mother appeared to see where she was at. Apparently her
mum hadn't come back with the car as early as she thought
she’d do and she had only just got in the car. She said
she'd be about 5 minutes. More like 10. Instead of going
to her house we are now on a drive all over the place
again. These things suck ass at night, especially since
next to nothings open. In fact fudge all's open in places
most people would find unpronounceable. I'm stuck in the
back seat where I have to listen to crap music and Ian and
Christine are talking about football. I doubt anything
enjoyable will come of this trip. I'm too warm, Christine
put the heating on and I’m suffering already. We just
entered Dalry. God it’s boring. I should have refused to
come. I'll update later.