Wo ist Amanda?
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2002-05-31 02:52:52 (UTC)

I'm almost free!!!

Hey, today my sister graduated from Liberty High. It was
so damn hot outside! Well, while there, I saw my ex-b/f,
Jack Brixey. I was so surprised! He looked all skinny and
drugged up. Then I saw my ex-best friend. She is 5&1/2
months pregnant and I had the privledge of meeting her
fiance! I was so surprised...I hella cried. My sister and
I used to be hella it was real special to me to
see her graduate. I am so happy to have people reading and
commenting. I have another poem:

Everyone is crying
I'm wearing all black
I'm walking slowly
My eyes on his back
Everything's spinning
The floor isn't stable
Then I take a second glance
At the picture on the table
I reach to tap Erick
But my hand won't go
Why are we mourning
Someone tell me, I don't know
I'm not sure what's happening
But I know that this hurts
I'm holding back tears
Then finally I burst
I drop to my knees
But I'm forced to stand tall
I want him to hold me
But he won't look at me at all
The line is still moving
To a coffin I suppose
I don't know who's in there
Yet everyone else knows
I'm close to the front now
It's starting to make sense
In my head words repeat
"No Second Chance!"
No second chance?
What does that mean?
I don't seem to know
But they do it seems
Erick's at the coffin
I'm next in the line
But I still don't understand
Someone give me a sign!
With tears in his eyes
He leaves a small kiss
Then walks away silently
This must be someone he'll miss
I know it's my turn
I'm afraid what I'll see
Then slowly but surely
It all comes back to me
I understand now
I know what I must do
I step up to the coffin
And realize what's true
Inside there is nothing
But a small piece of paper
And on it it states
"Erick and Amanda's love forever"
What we once had
Was now being buried
Along went my love
Which my broken heart once carried
I reached down and kissed it
Then slowly walked away
I knew I couldn't look back
Cause there was nothing more to say...

What do ya'll think?

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