2002-05-31 01:59:35 (UTC)

Im SO confused

Matt: hey baby
Me: Hey hunny
Me: I cant get ahold of my aunt.. she's was working
last night and by the time I got home today she was already
Me: :-(
Matt: ficl
Matt: fuck*
Matt: we're leaving here at 3 tomorrow
Me: Knowing my luck Im not going to be able to do
anything tomorrow night past 11:15... Damnit.
Matt: :(
Me: Im sorry.
Matt: we wont be getting there till like 8-9ish
Matt: ya know what
Matt: you turned me on so incredibly bad last friday
Matt: i dunno what you did
Matt: i wanted you so badly
Matt: lol
Matt: and tthat NEVER happens
Matt: its wierd
Matt: lol
Me: Aww
Matt: i mean you didnt do anyhting intentional
Matt: and i dunno what it was
Matt: something abuot you
Matt: i didnt want to leave
Matt: i just wanted to stay, and be with you forever
Me: Aww hunny
Matt: i've never been that serious about anyhting before
Matt: if i had the money i'd move to Sandusky in a
flash, just so i could be near you
Me: Matt. It's not that easy.
Matt: ok
Matt: ?
Matt: do you not want to be with me?
Matt: i understand
Matt: not many do
Matt: i shoulda known better
Matt: lol
Matt: god i feel like an ass
Me: It's just that it will be really hard and we are
just going so fast.. Plus you live far away and I know you
can visit me but between my mom and this shitty town, I
feel bad because you are like wasting a lot of time and
money coming up here and us not being able to do anything
Me: dont feel like an ass, it's my fault...
Matt: i understand that
Matt: do you even want us to come tomorrow then?
Matt: i do realize that we were taking it to fast, but
why cant i ever find anyone like you around here?
Matt: i've been trying the last 4 years
Me: Im prolly not going to be able to do anything
tomorrow night besides the plans I already made with my
friends... I mean I like you A LOT but it's really hard.
Saturday if you want though, we can hang out
Matt: ok
Me: I know, there isnt anyone like you around here
either. That is what makes it suck
Matt: ok, we're still gonna come tomorrow ok?
Matt: but we'll hang out saturday
Matt: if you want too
Me: Yea that would be cool
Me: All of you are 18 right?
Matt: except Meghan (marcos friend)
Matt: she's 16
Me: Shit cause I was gonna say to go to Louie'
have to be 18 though...
Matt: whats louies?
Me: Its a bar where a lot of everybody older hangs out
Me: Messino's is pretty cool too.. It's on Cleveland
Me: I dunno if you have to be 18 to be in there or not
Matt: ok
Matt: we'll figure something out
Matt: ok
Matt: here talk to marco
Me: Im trying to think of stuff you all can do
Matt/Marco: hi its marco
Me: Whats up?
Matt/Marco: not much
Me: Thats cool
Matt/Marco: yeah
Matt/Marco: are u happy we are comeing
Me: Yea
Me: I just feel bad because Im not going to be able to
hang out tomorrow
Matt/Marco: thats ok
Me: I feel bad though...Im trying to think of stuff
you guys can do but there really isnt anything
Matt/Marco: ill think about u
Me: ??
Matt/Marco: whaats that
Me: The bowling alley is decent I guess... I got
confused for a second, sorry....
Matt/Marco: what
Me: Nevermind...
Matt/Marco: ok
Me: So on Saturday we are all hanging out right?
Matt/Marco: yeah i guess
Me: Cool

UGH! Im so confused and i want to die. I hide it well, dont

{End of Entry, feeling sick}