Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-13 22:14:39 (UTC)


Ok so if any of yall decide to be writter and start to
get blocked which is a problem I havent found yet my
problem tends to be pens dont write as fast as I think and
can never scrible everything that captures my thoughts.
But if it happens Im going straight to wal mart.
A place I rarely find myself but today for no other reason
than its next to this hip little shop I go to, I venture
in. Anyways as I walked through this seemingly endless
store full of cosmetics, shotguns and absolutely tastless
clothing.My head filled with thoughts and things to write
apon. Anyways surounded by white trash and soccer moms
almost breathless and searching for an exit it hit me, a
reoccuring thought as I travel through this world,
"welcome to the american dream"
With love and respect

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