A Princess
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2001-06-13 22:08:31 (UTC)


Hey yo Mr. Diary! I kinda wanted to start 1 of these thingz
afta reading a cool bud of mines'. Itz gonna be kinda weird
talking to a online diary but Ill live with it! Enough with
the intro down 2 da juicy stuff!
TODAY! Woke up and was kinda deaded :( Decided to go 2
skool tho and had lotz of fun...Well as much fun as u can
do @ skool. After Skool it was DOE and we had to set up
tents, trust me Kate, Carly n Liz to get the dodgy one and we
needed adult help...A new teacher Mr. Morgan helped us put
it together, but he kinda did most of it because we were a
lil distracted by emma in a tent with 5 other boys...I
attempted to rescue her but thought what the hey she can
manage. After our tent was done I kinda went into a blonde
mood,lol Im not gonna tell you some of the crazy stuff I
said :( When I got home I was greeted by 2 lil 6yr olds,
fun fun, did nothing because I was deaded & Decided to go
to sainsburys in search of o-town pics. I came on the net
and started talking to cool people like Fly etc...AND My
baby come on awwww hehe gotta love hotstuff loadz, we kinda
talked for 3 hours and we are still talkin now, im
persuading him to do a diary thingy too...Muhahahaha! Matts
leaving us! Hes off to france to find a french girl to
replace me :( :( :( Well this thing is kinda draggin & Im
off to talk to my baby some more...BUT b4 I go, Voulez vouz
coucher avec moi, ce soir??? Gotta love that song and
Christinas hair n Make-up...A-HEM! Love u Mr. Diary speak
to ya'z 2moro,

P.S Chris my lil fairy I love u more than him so dont get jealous