The Amber Saga
2001-06-13 22:05:07 (UTC)

Why does it smell like ass in here?

Today's day was no greater than yesterday's, and it's only
6 pm. Imagine that! First I woke up around 12:30, like
usual. My dad was home, but being the prince he is, he
didn't bring me anything to eat. That is not uncommon, so I
didn't really care. I got on the internet to read the e-
mail Seth wrote me. It said: Aww I didn't mean for it to
seem like that, but I have two seperate worlds. My world
with you and my world with my friends. Something exactly
like that was on Seinfield. (yes I know you don't like that
show) But anyway, you are extremely far out of the way
too...and for me to pick you up would take 30 minutes. If
you lived close you had better believe I would take you
everywhere. Mmm which doesn't sound too good, but I hope
you understand. It's not like I drive to Jared's house
either...he can drive and always does so over here. And the
only reason it seems like I am ignoring you is because
people distract me and I don't like them to read what I am
typing to people. (usually they dictate what to say to
people anyway when over) So I didn't mean for it to seem
that way cuteness.


He apologized for ignoring me last night, yes. But I was
upset about the two different worlds part. I talked to him
about it today, and I asked why I couldn't be included in
the world with his friends. The answer I got was because
they dont like me. Oh, how good that made me feel. I told
Seth that I didn't want him to have to make time for me,
that's why I wanted to be included in his other "world".
That, was pretty much the end of our conversation. He had
to go get his haircut, and said he'd call me when he got
home. Did that happen? Hell no. That figures. I
really can't rely on him for much. He apologized, and I
said it was alright, but I really didn't mean it. I waited
all fucking day long for his ass to call me. Did the phone
ring once? Nope. I sat by the phone all day. All day. I
read some, to try and pass the time. I didn't even get on
the computer, my best friend, because I thought he was
going to call, and I didn't want to have to go through that
call waiting crap. When it got to be around 5 o'clock I
pretty much gave up on Seth calling, so I got on the
internet. What a mistake that was. This fucking retard
IM'ed me and complained about my info. Probably because he
knew it applied to him. "I like chicken salad, but I'm
annoyed easily. I'm really annoyed by stupid people with
the same generic info as everyone else. I know at least 75%
of the people on my buddy list have the same
thing. "Useless quote;lame shoutout;more dumbass quotes".
Why can't people be creative? If not creative, just leave
it blank. I'm too easily bothered I think, but if people
weren't such dumb fucks all the time, I probably wouldn't
be. So before you send me a message, make sure you aren't
stupid. If you are, then I will surely murder you.
Bitchfully yours,
Amber" is what my info says. This is my conversation with
the moronic bastard. Seaton4u77: hey sexy
Amabalur: hi
Seaton4u77: why do u say u are gonna murder someone over
there qoutes
Seaton4u77: thats gay
Amabalur: why don't you grow a brain?
Amabalur: Not because of their info, you idiot.. Because of
how ignorant people are
Seaton4u77: ok your cool
Amabalur: I dont care if I'm cool
Seaton4u77: ok if im ignorant
Seaton4u77: then murder bitch
Amabalur: If I could, I would
Seaton4u77: if im a idiot why cant u spell ignorant
Amabalur: I can spell ignorant
Amabalur: you bastard!
Seaton4u77: fuck u thats y you got worn dumb bitch
Amabalur: haha
Amabalur: warn you mean?
Seaton4u77: what did u say
Amabalur: warn
Amabalur: you spelled warn wrong.. moron

He warned me up to 35%. I did nothing but state the truth.
That's what gets me sometimes. You can't tell people the
truth. They can't except it. I can except the truth, even
if I don't like it. I finally sent Seth a message, but I
guess he wasn't in the mood for talking. He said a little
to me, but then went to work. That figures as well. I'm so
sick of everything. My life is getting ridiculous. There is
this crazy pattern forming of everyone pissing me off, then
I turn into a hanous bitch, and make them mad. I'm getting
too angry to say much else. I'm through for now.