A look inside my head
2002-05-31 01:01:01 (UTC)

Fun day with Phil

Well today was quite interesting, I'm afraid that Marvin
likes me, Justin loves me, and I went in Phil's truck
behind my mom's back right in front of Mike's friends who
will definately tell him what i did. So I'm really hoping I
still have a boyfriend after he knows... Oh well, if Mike
has a problem with me going on a delivery with Phil, with
Justin in the car (so nothing happens ;-)) then I can just
bring up the fact that it makes me uncomfortable that he's
so close to all these chicks at school and stuff. I hope
Mike will be cool about it though cuz he's a cool guy. Yeah
today was so sweet, i got to take deliveries with phil and
we went along the river on the 2nd run and he had snoop in
the car and i was literally sitting on the amps and he
turned the bass up so loud....oh it was great! I can't fall
for phil because he's 6 years older than me and he's in
love with my friend's older sister who's 17. she's just 3
years older than me!! I love mike, I love mike, I love
mike... I really do miss him....i hope i see him tomorrow
because i haven't seen him in like a week :-D well i'm
gonna go talk to people... haha later