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2002-05-31 00:26:43 (UTC)


Okay this is sonya profile read MINDIs,Shani, Howie,
Meredith, Phils, DANIELS, mine ( abby) and YOU DIDN"T SEE
THIS HERE UR ARE DEAD!!!!! Understand CALL ME SHANI!!! the
sencond u read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*julie - ur sooooo UNsexy its not even at all funny!!!!!
guyz at the theatre were definatly beyond hot!and they were
definatly smilin @ me......self defense is not murder!!!!
not that i was really going to defend myself...but i
thought that you should kno!
Emily- sorry, ok? ur my sister in law.. rite?
brooke - im wit u my sexy sexy bitch! jk im not bi...dont
dan - drop dead jk
Jilli- ur so0o0o0 little!N cute!
justine- i know im sexy sponge bob rox!
meredith- cherries are so cute! now i feel.... boop-boop-be-
doop! I WANT HER HAIR!!!!
pooh bear- im piglet and ur pooh bear we should go to the
mall again, that was fun!
mindi - 7:35 am- mindi walks up the stairs to homeroom
followed closely by phil N howie smilin slyly. 7:46 am-
mindi limps into homeroom in only her underwear. 7:47 -
phil and howie come into homeroom late, grinning while
zippin up their flys...u figure it out...
Shani- its not that i dont like u its that I hate u and ur
retard fagat fat ass mother. we r throwin a party 4 when u
leave. we're countin down the days.
Howie- i hope u... LOOOOOOOOOOSe!!!!!!!! the answer is
martin luther king, that is king of reformation. leave
mindi alone! Im Vanna White!
u poon!
Phil- testified! kink! poon!SNOOGINSS!!!!!! i wuv u phil!
leave mindi alone!
Daniel- Noel's a slut shes ugly! i kno u wanna date mindi
but it wont make her jealous!
Nadav- Im gonna kiss u... jk
Guy- kayla is the best!i her!
Kayla - wuv u cuteness!
sara- i love u more
dave: i wanna go out wit u ...i think...
dan- ur soo sweet! go out wit brooke!!! ud make the cutest
lauren- ur so sweet! i wuv u! we shud totallydo sumthin
togetha sum time...
pat- i hate ur f*in guts just leeve me the f* alone!
maura- babe, ur the kulest!
becca- its just ur voice......and ur spunk...
Abby- we r we r a youth of a nation! wats luv???? ur like
the random facts/ dictionary of songs grl lol! wuv u hun!
Mr. Murphy worst teachah eva!

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