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~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-06-13 20:57:23 (UTC)

Summer Stuff

Hey Diary-Its summer, I have a job, and I just couldnt be
1. Its summer. Officially. We got a pool, and air
conditioner, and rain, and flowers, and berries, and green
grass, and NO SCHOOL! Plus, MTV's Summer in the Keys
started, which makes it official :)
2. I have a job. I got hired at the Swim School again, and
I am a swim teacher for the 11:30-12:15 class, teaching 5 6
and 7 yr. olds how to swim.

Today is going wonderful!!!! At lunch, I walked around in
old Mesilla with the other swim teacher, Mellisa. We got
popsicles and take out food at La Posta.
Now, Im at home, resting. I'm going to do the dishes, and
then I'm going to paint a picture and stretch. I am trying
not to be so lazy-the summer heat and the summer TV
programs are turning me into a couch potato. So I am
looking for good, healthy activities to keep my body and
mind in shape. School starts on the 13th of August! Can you
believe that??????? Its horrible-awful-wrong-a sin to do
that! Summer is too, too short :(