ahoy hoy
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2002-05-30 21:28:20 (UTC)


Well I still haven’t had any sleep. Thank god for coffee.
Hmm I wonder, how long I can go with out sleep. Well I
have one day and a night of no sleep lets see if I can
stay awake to night, I haven’t had a any type of sleep.
Oh well. What ever lol hehehe. My sister Brenda is acting
weird and my mom told me she was talking to angels. I think
she is loonier than me. I don’t know if she is kidding or
if she is serious. I think she is joking, well I hope she
is. Lol she cracks me up when she is not annoying me.
(lol) kidding…. My mom is loony bird, loony bird well I
think I have to find happy music to download, I have a lot
of muse and some depressing songs from radio head and other
whiney boys whining.

I have to get some more angry riot girl music. I don’t know
something, not depressing. (lol) well hmm I really don’t
have anything to write about. I went to turn in an
application to a star bucks near home, I actually haven’t
found a job yet, but am still there are places were I can
start working ASAP but I don’t want to work there. So I
hope I get called back from the places I do want to work
at. Mmm chocolate chip cookies. My sister is making some.
To bad I cant eat any of them. I have put off sweet. Am
so going to lose weight. Damm it I shall be lean and fit.
Hell yeah size 6 or 5 that’s my goal. I can do it. (well I
hope I can) hmm I wonder how long its going to take me
though. It prob going to take awhile. whatever. Ahh I need
to work I got shit in the mail from the cosmetology school
am getting a license while I go to community college so I
can transfer to UCLA or some small private college called
Scripps in Claremont.

I think am making some coffee. Black no sugar, just the way
I like it. ( am dead serious, I like sweetened coffee but
at home I always drink my coffee without creamer or sugar.
Hmm I wonder how long I can ramble. Well I guess not very
long. Since I actually can think of what to bulls shit
about or even find an argument to argue about to waste time
and fill up space.

I got this nice post card from my friend Mary from school,
she went to Hawaii. I think she just got back home this
week. Oh I need to email her I was going to do it last
night , but I got distracted doing something else.

I want to get something done. I want to pierce something
tattoo something anything. I need cash fast. I cant wait o
get my first pay check.
Oh I need to save up mulllaaa, dinero, cash, greens, etc.

Michelle my belle, sont les mot qui vont tres bien
ensemble, .. I think this is the cutest line from the
Michelle from The Beatles.

My arm is going numb. Eww yesterday I watched a heart
transplant on TV on nova on PBS it was pretty gross, but
oddly interesting.


Ok am going to stop now this is boring not interesting at
all. I think am actually tired. I think its time for my
coffe oh yeah.