2002-05-30 20:54:08 (UTC)


You know how I know I love her? Well, do ya? When shes
not around I miss her a lot and when shes with me I never
want to leave. I would really love to see you tonight.
Even if I have to wait at the tanning salon, I'll do it. I
might even get a tan myself.(hahaha) Please let me know
what you think. Going to Dewitt today was a blast. Jessie
is so slow driving, she doesn't have anything on you.
Anyway, we started off by going in the wrong direction. We
got off at the wrong turn-off and and to go back. The
seminar itself was a hoot. The lady doing the seminar
started off by asking questions about each and every one of
us. She was trying to find some common interests with
everyone. When she came around to me, I had her stumped.
We didn't like the same music, I've never ridden a
motorcycle, she don't like basketball or golf, I don't
drink much beer, she doesn't draw, we were total
opposites. She said that she does like to sing though.
She just fell in love with Carolyn. Carolyn would give
long and informative answers and the lady would just be
taken back by everything she said. We were there for about
2 and a half hours. We got back to the colony at 3 and I
just punched out then. Well, please let me know if you can
see me. Take care, BYE!!!

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