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2001-06-13 17:21:35 (UTC)

1 hour til show down..

Okay, its... 12:17 pm here and I have basically 1 hour to
get ready to babysit. actually I wish I wasnt because I
wont get any money for it. but i guess ill be ok for 5
hours with 2 lil runts and i have to feed them! ugh!

well chelsey and noel are still pissed at me and I dont
know why but im not really surprised. I guess she does
hold grudges pretty well. the last couple of days of
school were ok I think, she said hi to Michelle Davenport
and shes had this big grudge on her for saying when Val
Manskow called her Hippo Huennikens Michelle D. said it was
soooooooooo funny. It wasnt mean it was a joke! Next year
ill be all alone, unless im in nikki's or amanda's class,
but i guess amanda is pissed at me for missing her party,
it wasnt even her BIRTHDAY! and chel is goin to Heather's
birthday party so wont that be fun? oh well I guess I
should get off, you never know my aunt might come sooner
then u think and by the time im done looking for f.f. it
might be 1 and then im totally dead!


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