Randi Lynn

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2002-05-30 18:57:41 (UTC)

I got a comptuer tech 2 award..

I got a comptuer tech 2 award for Highest Average in the
class. Im mad cuz my Bio teacher didnt give out awards, if
he did i woulda got one for maintitaing a 100 average all
year, damnit. And Oh, Matt is so undeserving of my
attention. I mean it. He wotn talk to me out of World
history class, well, not really, it angers me. I Hate men.
HATE HATE HATE!!!! GR!!!!! Hes so undesercvign of my
attention i dont even know why the fuck i give it too him.
He doesnt even like me anyway. He shoudlnt flirt with me so
much if he doesnt like me. I hate guys. I hate matt. Well
not really, i like him, but he isnt deserving of my love
either. I shoudlnt be so mad. its not like we're together
or anything. hell, we probably aint even friends. Hmph!