2002-05-30 18:39:57 (UTC)

Wisdom Tooth Headache

my whole head hurts...feels like a migraine. i wish i was
at home, in bed with my flannel pajama pants and my
favorite comfy blanket and my phone disconnected so nobody
can call and pester me about my credit card debt.

my job is so bad for my psychological health. i sit in this
office completely alone ALL one to talk to,
listening to WBLI for 8 straight hours...i don't know if
anyone else knows what that means...8 straight hours of
jennifer lopez, shakira, enrique iglesias, ja rule, and
linkin park...over and over and over and over and over and
over...shoot me now. i can't even play my own music because
the doctor who is locked into the back room all day can't
stand the music I listen to, and since she's got that one
pathetic little speaker back there, we have to listen
to "patient-friendly" music. which is retarded, because now
that her practice is closing down, there are no more
patients. the only people I communicate with ALL DAY are
the obnoxious ex-patioents who call up every day and demand
that I send them their medical records immediately. i can't
stand it. this job is really making me develop this severe
hatred and contempt for the human race.