Fish 'n Chips
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2001-06-13 16:57:33 (UTC)


First off, let's just establish that this will be
the most boring journal/diary ever. I am not an
interesting person, and probably never will be. Oh well.
I'll probably always be writing about Tom. Oh. How very
exciting. Don't get me wrong, not that I don't find him
exciting. It's just that I am quite sure no one else cares
about how I love his lips or his feet and whatnot. Yep. I
hope he gets here soon. I miss him.

I'm talking to Mike right now about yesterday. I hope I
don't piss him off really bad. I just don't like people
touching me. Especially while I'm sleeping. It makes me
really uncomfortable. It really bothers me when I think
about it. I think this is the first time I've ever really
confronted a friend about something that bothers me. I've
always tried, but no one ever takes me seriously. And I'm
tired of it. I want to be heard too, just like everyone
else. I'm tired of everyone disregarding what I say just
because "I'm Megan and nothing I say is really
important, so why listen?". Oh well. He's not saying very
much. Of course.

So something positive now....Morrissey. I think I love that
man. Heh. I hadn't ever really cared before I met Tom. He's
the one that "introduced" me, so to speak. I'd always knew
who Morrissey was, just never bothered to listen to him or
anything. So...thanks Tom! Heh. Anyhow...he is my husband.
Morrissey, not Tom. Although Tom will be soon, hopefully.
Tom fights with me about how he's not my husband, cuz he's
Tom's.....but he's really mine. Just to get that straight.
It surprises me how many people DON'T know who he
is. I thought like everyone in the world did. I kind of
feel like a "poseur" now. Because I hadn't ever been
interested before and now all of a sudden I am, because of
Tom. Ugh. I feel like Tessa. Oh well. Tom said he'd have to
buy me a Smiths cd. Hehe. Isn't he the greatest. He never
will, but it's the thought that counts. :) Well....I guess
I better get up off my lazy ass and take a shower.