Sporty Tomboy

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2002-05-30 16:54:45 (UTC)

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes...

I'm exposed... and its no big surprise...

I have that song in my head, its a good song cuz im just a
girl. Nobody realizes that, but you really should
understand that fact. PLEASE!

Logan's birthday is tomorrow.. he told me today in lunch.
Woo. I got to hear him bitch about how he's going to sit at
home all day alone, because he took the day off work to
have a party that nobody can go to. Boohoo. Then, he
invited Shane, even though he doesn't know him, he just
wanted SOMETHING to do on that day, how sad is that. ewww..
not someone. No ass ramming for them. Well, then he told me
that he truly was happy for me, but I don't think he was
being sincere about it. Oh well, he just was saying that
because he was finally excited about his birthday. Well,
good for him, thats all I have to say. But he needs to stop
feeling up hoosha!! Ashley may be single, but she does not
want Logan. ewww.

I am finally going to be the one waiting for shibby after
skool today, because I owe him so much... he always waits
for me to get out of my chemistry reviews just to walk to
my house with me. What a kewl kid. Well, now im going to
wait for him. Yay. I get to stay after with
Malloydesormeaux. Maybe we'll bond... ewww. Chemistry and
staying after and teachers and blah.. they don't mix. Well,
I'll deal because I love ya Sean!!!

Ashley is working today and she's all excitedlike. I would
be too, I love that place. That is so pathetic how much we
love it. When we visited her yesterday, I actually wanted
to be on a register, and I was all sad being deprived.
Haha, a funny sight was seeing Ashley all serious and
professional on her register. That was so awesome. Go
Ashley! She is totally awesome at her job. I'm so proud.
*tears* :) she also had this jumble ball she playing with
at her break, I love those things. Kickass dood!

I ate curly fries, no. I would NOT let Sean eat any!!! :(

I still need to sign peoples yearbooks that I promised I
would... but I will, promise.

Christina is totally going down. DAMN, you are totally
going to die in study hall because I will beat you sooo bad
in our pathetic escapades of our water bottle tosses in
study hall. Hey, it's tied... but we all know who will win.

Later. *hugs to all i love, you know who you are.*

***Libbalicious Licky Libby***