Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-05-30 15:50:03 (UTC)

Thursday's child has far to go

I must have had the worst sleep ever. I went to bed about
7am, woke up about 10am couldn't get back to sleep. Played
Evil Twin on the PS2. A mediocre 3D platform game, gave up
after about 25 minutes. Went back to sleep around 11.30am
after having some bread with butter on it. Was woken up
about 2 by Graeme on the phone. He saw my dad and assumed
we'd came back from Glasgow, I never told him we hadn't
went to Glasgow. I woder where father went. Maybe he went
to Glasgow without me. No matter, he's meant to be at
work, night shift so he'll be back by 6pm probably.

I got mail today, one was a free sample of Head and Shoulders I
asked for via their website. The other was from Capital One, seems
I've been accepted for a credit card. Hurray for me. Just have to
sign the form and send it to the. Its even freepost.

Graeme came early, which was what he said on the phone
earlier. Turned up about 10 minutes after he called. Gave
me back the Buffy tape, saw my Sims Buffy game then headed
back to get Jennifer (his sister) about 15 minutes later.

Got an e-mail from Ruth. If her father comes to pick her
up from St. Andrews, she'll be home tomorrow. She thinks
we should all meet up soon. I humbly agree. I'm not lonely
as such, just... bored with myself. At least if the others
are around, I can ignore this fact and be bored with them.

I had a shower after Graeme left. I get so skanky so
easily, so annoying. No deoderant either. I'm sure father
has some.

Ruth's e-mail inspired me to text Christine and see when
she was getting back. She's coming home tonight and wants
to do something. Seems it'll only be me and her. She'll
probaby decide not to do anything then. No matter. I'd
rather meet Ruth anyway, more fun.

Father was at Johnstone, came back about 4.15pm. Bought
Super Smash Brothers Melee for GameCube. Should be fun.
Will play it later. Can't wait for the series finale of
Buffy tonight.

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