The Daily Babble
2002-05-30 14:10:19 (UTC)

So Much to do....So Little Time

Things have been really crazy for me, even after finals
ended!...Between registering for classes, taking finals,
and preparing for the bridal shower and wedding, things
have been crazy. Planning this wedding is making me want
to put off my own for the next few years!!

Last weekend we had all this family stuff going on, and
then on Monday, me and my sister went to teach Anand and
Erica garba and then they came over for dinner. Both
bridal showers are this weekend...Saturday is the one I'm
planning. I'm planning it and doing all the work--but I
know my aunt's going to get the credit for it, cuz on the
card it says "Hosted by--" and then my aunt's name! So
that's kinda frustrating! Yesterday I orded the corsage
and tonite I have to put together the favors we're giving
out to the guests. Then on Sunday--its the bridal shower
thrown by Leah {Erica's sister}, so its going to be a very
busy weekend!

Me and Jeff are doing great...we still hang out on Friday
nights. Last week, we saw Star Wars II. Great movie =-)
Though I think I like the first one better.

Work is a little hectic because summer classes began
yesterday so I'm kind of falling behind...but what can you
do right? I took an HSS Capstone--its A Mystery
workshop. The class is pretty fun/interesting, but the
only downside is that its full of FOBs!!!!!!!!!!! They're
so annoying. The class is only 5 weeks, so hopefully I'll

Well that's all for now, I should get back to work. Take
care all!