2002-05-30 13:07:34 (UTC)



Hey Cyber Kids. I've never really done an online diary
so...I hope this is not SO painful for the readers. Wait a
minute, this is for me...not you! So fuck offf! hehe j/k.


Lemme give ya a little background info on Me. I'm
unkowngirl and I am from Detroit, Michigan. Born a little
outside of Detroit, but I still consider it my home. I'm 15
years old...andddd uhhh....yeah. lol. I moved here at the
beginning of my freshman year..and I think I am staying
here for ahile. shit. I really don't wanna be here...but

Looks: Wellllll.....I am 5'4 ( with heels, hehe), I have
chocolate eyes, and long brown hair, I weigh 124 and
Im heavy built!!

I'm really into horses...I own and ride all three of them.
In fact, I have a horse show this Saturday that I am
freaking out about! Fuck! Punk is sooo fat, we wont do
well AT all.

Okay then comes last....( HA! ) I have a boyfriend. I have
been going out with Nate for...4 months now? Okay
Okay...a little 2 day-break-ups here and there. But all in
all, we are great. I've grown really attatched to Nate he is
sorta like my ( in a fucked up way )brother. cant live with
out him!

Alright I've but yall to sleep...i promise...next entry
will be better!!!!!!



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