Muh Life.. Muh Thoughts... Muh Dreams...
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2002-05-30 11:37:29 (UTC)

I Feel Really Slow

Gawsh man.. my life's been so fast-paced lately that I
didn't realize that today was Thursday.. dang.. this year's
really flying by. It's gonna be weird without everybody.
Imma miss them all.. and if they don't keep in touch with
me Imma kick their asses. :-)
I just wanna say thanx to some ppl: Tika, Justin, CJ,
Chris, Chase, Melissa, Michael, Nicole, James, LORNA and I
think that that's about it. Thanks for being there for me
guys.. and I hope our friendship last..
Well.. I know my life seems REALLY boring, and trust e at
times it is, but I have to go. Talk to ya'll later.


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