cosmic ski slopes
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2001-06-13 13:50:00 (UTC)

untitled, aren't they all though?

I'm sitting here in the computer lab at school... With
priscilla, we're looking at a bridal website. She's
engaged and her wedding is in the fall of 2003, it'll be
beautiful. So were just surfng basically (on a seperate
computer that is...).
Talking about the cheering meeting tomorrow.. for all
the people who wanna cheer next fall.
Can u believe that? A Bipolar Cheerleader! What a way
to live. I not only can't figure out what it is that I'm feeling
half the time but the other half the time I have to
PRETEND I'm ecstatic and on speed 24/7. You know?

I Still haven't heard from Nick, it's taking over my
thoughts... it's taking over my diary for crying out loud!! I
hate being THIS attatched to someone other than a
friend... a guy. I have major issues in my life, I
ignoring them and making them worse because I'm
spending all my time worrying about my b/f!! I CAN'T DO
THAT ANYMORE!! But I DO NOT want to give up on
Nick, I've done that too many times in my life, given up
on people before it even has the chance to work out! So
I'm gonna shut my mouth, NOT over analyze the
situation and pray to God that Nick still cares about
me.... I'm almost completly head-over-heels in love with
him, I'm putting so much of myself out there... Last time
I was this close to being in love I was CRUSHED and I
can't do that again. I won't be able to handle that... But
I'm gonna go, I don't wanna think about this anymore.
But first, let me say hi to fuzz... I think he's the only one
who reads these, if he does anymore, lol. So "hi." he's a
really great guy who apperently wants to know who my
'dillemna' involves, sara's the only one who knows that,
and she promised me she won't tell anyone, luv u
hun.... buh bye then

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