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2002-05-30 06:06:06 (UTC)


So the title is pretty appropriate to what I feel like.
I've got this new song I've been listening to, called "love
song for no one".. it's just one of those songs that really
just, fits. It's about waiting for that "someone" to just
hurry up and "get here"... just to be with the next someone,
whoever it is. beautiful song, I only have the acoustic
version, but I'm liking it. brings out the side in me that
says, "well I'm just here, waiting for whatever happens to
come along next"... for me anyway. I'm feeling kinda weird
right now, and I'm sure that my 3rd block teacher's
countdown til I don't have that class anymore isn't helping.
Graduation is an inevitable day, I'm anticipating it and
fearing it all at the same time. But it'll be all alright,
so I'm sure I'll be fine, although I'm sure I will cry!!
(like I did the last night of my last show at the high
school, man I was bawling and I couldn't help it!!!)
Other than that, today was pretty much a normal day. Senior
ditch day was today, and I was kinda surprised/kinda not
that many people were actually at school. So yeah, that's
about all that's on my mind for now,

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