Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2002-05-30 05:17:10 (UTC)

raggin hell

so im on my period trying not to be mean to the boi's in
the room playing risk.

i think thats nice of me.

on the downside i cant help but feel hyper. id love to go
run right now except for the fact that i dont wanna have to
stop every 3 seconds to adjust my pad. not to sound gross
or anything but hell, its the truth.

so yea, i havent been this hyper in a really like time. its
weird to be this hyper oh well, prolly go home soon and
force myself to sleep.

so wots new with me???

the job at kmart is driving me nutts, the people are great
but the work is boring. so i got myself another job. im
back at the Y for the summer. corrupting americas youth one
asshole at a time. so yea thats that

hmmm, also ive been dating.

and no the world isnt coming to an end. apparently im cute.
and hopefully not cute in the collie-lassie sorta way.

so yea this whole dating thing. its weird, im not into any
of these guys but i suppose its the whole idea of getting
out there and at least meeting people!!!! right? right???

so, most of the guys were dorks. not my type. i like
losers....BIIIIIGG difference! hehe

but seriously, one guy was too much of a gentleman, the
other guy had funky grey teeth and didnt talk. one just
wanted ass, and the other is just sorta ick. maybe im sorta
picky but hell, i can be. im the goblin queen. i should
have my choice of some at least normal beef. and i dont. im
stuck with weird asses and the two that are in the room
with me at this point. they just sorta sit there, talking
about masturbation. and the rest of the men i know are gay

i need to find some men who arent all of the above...but
where to look? anyhow, i should prolly get back to doing
absolutely nothing with these two.