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2002-05-30 05:06:49 (UTC)

Just saying some stuff....

Hi diary people!
Well, tomorrow is the last day of my Junior year.
(sigh) I mean part of me is happy and the other half is
like sad. I may never know if a good friend will go or any
sudden changes will happen. But as long as Im with my
Laura ;0) and Kristian, hey Im coolers then! I mean they
are like my closest greatest friends in my life right now.
Aren't I right Laura? lol Well um Im going to talk to Laura
and Kristian in for us doing some stuff in the summer. And
Im going to keep in touch like with everyone so I won't be
all missing them, lol. Yes people I am a little wuss! lol
Ok well its midnight at the moment and Laura left a little
while ago. I know your probably reading this girlie
so....HI LAURA! MUUUUAH! :) Yup, she is the greatest. Ah
crap, I forgot to call Kristian. Oh well, I'll remember
next time. Me and my freaking head, I can't say memory and
brain well because I don't have either one of them, lol.
Basically I just came on here to say hi to my babe Laura
and like to all of you people in knowing what sorts of
stuff going on in my life. Let me tell you, my life and
some feelings that Im having, are like so strange. Laura
you should know what Im talking about, so do you Tabitha.
Alrightie its time for me to go, Im like wide awake but my
brain wants to shut down on me, again, as usual. lol Ok
well talk and see you people later. See you later Laura! I
love you! MUAH! Byebye persons!