It smells like poop over here
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2002-05-30 05:00:23 (UTC)

wish i was to dead to care, if indeed i cared at all

i still can't get over the awesomeness of that corey taylor
song. kinda gets me depressed though, a little weak in the
heart, but i guess that helps me to express my emotions.
that's why i listen to it here, so i can bring out my
emotions on "paper" so i don't have to talk to a person
about them. people suck. i always end up thinking about
giulia, i just get an image of her, sitting, hold a t-shirt
or something. she looks dazed or deep in thought. but oh
man, no chick compares to chris, my god, she's gotta be the
one im destined to have a sexual relationship with. that's
it, maybe a little romance, but i can't see that with her.
too bad, she's awesome.
after work, i hung out with lauren and brandon. my bro
came with us to value world. he didn't say much and we just
dropped him off a few minutes later. i had to get some
punky clothes for the rockwood GLAPW show friday. im ring
announcing, but i get mic time, im kind of nervous about
that. i've gotta talk to the audience for a couple of
minutes. i can act when im alone, but being in front of a
lot of people, that makes me a little shaky. i just wanna
be able to pull it off. make it look believable and sound
believable. im supposed to be a straight edge punk, so i
wanted to buy a "punk" suit. i bought a purple suit coat
and a dark blue one. i think im just gonna wear the purple
one, lauren and brandon said it looked good on me normally.
that made me feel good. i put on all these stupid clothes
and they said i looked good. brandon said id get...so much
play, id could dawg the hoes and all the chicks would be on
im gonna put some patches on the blue coat and write
some punk bands on it. oh, and im gonna write "STRAIGHT
EDGE" across the shoulders. ill probably stretch it and
roll around on the ground to make it look worn. i wanna
wear camo pants with combat boots to make me look like a
real punk. i kinda wanna do that one time hair dye with
black too. i need combat boots thought, but my skechers
could pull that off, i think. until i can get a real pair.
that's all i wanted to say, no emotions now, too many to
say with not enough time and not enough time to think them
through. but i want my hundred bucks.