Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-05-30 04:13:32 (UTC)

Father you stupid fool!!

Father came home about 3.45am this morning. I could tell
he was drunk because he put on the light on the ceiling
with its 3 100W bulbs causing massive lighting. He never
puts it on because it takes up so much power and is so
bright. Anyway back to the point. I came out of my room
and went to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee (a
frequent occurence which I'm sure isn't helping my
insomnia) and I put the kettle on. So I ask father if he
had fun and he starts going on about being a "naughty
boy". After a very short time he reveals that he's had sex
with some other woman at his work! This ouldn't be so bad
except for the fact that he already has what most people
would consider a girlfriend. And even worse is that his
girlfriend, Kirsty, also works at the same place as the
both of them. At least he knows he's fudged things up.
Like usual he expects me to have advice on such things.
Firstly, I haven't had sex with anyone whilst seeing nyone
else and second, I don't do girls anyway. He'll find out

Guess this means that we're not going to Glasgow tomorrow.

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