Autumn Always
2002-05-30 04:06:09 (UTC)

mym own personal wrath

Well tempting fate just made things more complexing as
usual. Right now I just feel like shit. I don't even know
where to start. Alot of it envolves my dad and other family
problems and my own feelings and sometimes I get so fed up
I just want to walk. Don't ask me where to. But god I feel
like that now wich is a rarity to me. If I could only find
a razor, just to take my mind off a few things. I don't get
angry. It's a funny feeling. Probably closer to weary. And
having my computer bluescreen 9 times while trying to make
this one cd didn't help either. I finaly got it on the 9th
time. One cd took 3 hours. *grrrrr* Just little things like
that. I don't even really feel like talking about it too
much. I hate feeling pissy it's such a waste of time.
SOmehow chocolate doesn't seem to be the thing right now
and since Dad's sleeping downstairs I can't go watch Tv and
I don't think I have the patience to read right now. I
swear I should just walk out the door and start walking or
something. *sigh* I'm going to go scream or cry into a

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