steaming the buns
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2002-05-30 04:03:18 (UTC)

maestro of the mundane

been a while. hmm. whats been happening. feel a lot better
since last. kept myself busy with a lot of things.

were almost done with the recording. thank god. just have
one last song to do. lets see: vocals, backup, and one more
guitar track ought to do it. thats the easy part. i could
do that in under two hours.
its the mixing that eats up the hours. and you really feel
the bite when youre paying the studio by the hour.

the studio is sooo far. 2 hours to get there. i spend
almost two hundred just for the gas. sabay si elson keeps
trying to get out of sharing with the expenses. if i get
pissed, he'll never get a copy of the songs, even if he did
the bass. that oughta learn him.

cause ive got work sometimes we head over thereand start
mixing at 8pm up to 12 or so. really taxing. just driving
there then knowing u have to get up early the next day for

work, work, crap. very very hectic and tiring sked theyve
given me. im doing overtime everyday. everyday!

s'ok. had a lot of expenses lately , so i could use the
paying for the studio time, buying a new phone(old one's
back in boracay) and misc stuff: gas,cds,beer,cigs ya know?

just got an offer to do a gig at someones debut.
hope they know were not a show band.
could be fun. im planning to get a couple of guys from
another band then merging with em for the show.

need toget out. need new friends. the ones i have are
always too tired or unavailable to go get out, old
fuck u all.

very very frustrating to teach the seniors. a kid could get
it. crap. im gonna explode from the ineptitude. farts.

yeech. started out feelin fine.
well i knew it wouldnt last.