Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-05-30 03:51:38 (UTC)

Wednesday's events

Wednesday was another day of dull monotonous (sp?)
activities. Received an e-mail from Ruth regarding the
tets Sarah sent me during that freaky week of madness. She
said I was a stronger person that she was for apparently
handling them and that we were the messed up kids at
school. Can't help but agree with her. Other than Ian and
Andrew, a whole host of crap happened to us during our
presence at that hell hole.

Mother came to the house again today, she appears to be
visiting a lot recently. No idea why, considering she
practically avoided the place for about 5 months. Father
went out tonight, some place in Paisley called Hamish's or
something. I don't know the place very well even though I
went to it every day for about 6 years. He left about
7.30pm and mother left about 5-10 minutes later.

I sent a text message to Graeme, wondering if he would
have the tape with Buffy and Angel on it. For convenience
purposes I want to get the season finale of Buffy on the
same tape as the last three episodes. He said he could
come round about 1pm but I was meant to be going to
Glasgow with father in the morning so we rescheduled for
7pm. He wants to see my Buffy based Sims game whilst he's

Mother came back aroun 9.50pm. She was supposed t pick
Stuart up about 10pm but he wasnt around so she came in
and sat around for a while. About 10.30pm she fell asleep.
It was weird, kind of reminded me of before she left.
Stuart came back form wherever he was about 11.25pm. He
and mother left and Stuart left two PS2 games: Devil May
cry and Dark Twin. Wish I hadn't deleted my Devil May Cry
data. Maybe its still on the 16 MB card, need to look