Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-05-30 03:27:25 (UTC)

Its been a long ass time since I wrote in here, so I figured what the hell

Yep, well its been a really long time since I wrote in
this thing, and no one is on. So, yeah ... Ummm, lets
seem I'm finally outta school, I got out last Friday. I
had fairly good grades, A's, B's, and a C. I'm leaving for
Russia in 9 days, hopefully it won't be to bad of a trip.
Hummm, I havent' talked to my boyfriend in several days, I
went and saw a movie with his best friend last night. I ya
know, if he's not even going to bother to call me and he;s
best friend does, I mean it's so not my problem. SO
fwwaaa, the Ave's lost, go figured, so he'll be ticked.
Another thing that's not my problem. I go back to work
tomorrow :( I so don't want to I have this weekend off tho,
thank God. Saturday is graduation and then Sunday I'm
supposed going to the Superbike Races with my boyfriend,
but it wouldn't be hard to find someone else to go with if
he doesn't talk to me by then. Grrrr, can you tell I'm a
little ticked at him, I guess I really shouldn't be, but I
am, so tough.
Hummm... this girl from my last school that I haven't
talked to in almost a year just IMed me, weird.
A lot has changed for me this past year. I've gotten a few
boyfriends, finally been kissed, gotten a car, a job and
made some decent friends. Its been great, but somehow I've
managed to kinda be bummed all day today. Maybe I'm tired,
or just being retarded, who knows... I got a cute Charlie
Brown shirt today, plus I got a cool necklace, so yeah.
Whatever, I really suck at communication sometimes. You'd
think after I've seen what my parents had to go thru I'd be
better at it. But oh no, that would make things to easy.
I finally got in my first 'car accident,' it was lame. I
didn't stop in time and gently tapped this huge ass truck
infront of me, he didn't even notice I hit him. But his
tail pipe is imprinted on my dag-gum hood. It really
pissed me off cause it was all my fault and it was so
stupid. Ahhhh! Well, i think I'll go to bed now or
something and maybe tomorrow won't be as dull. I sure hope
not... Well, since no one reads these things I guess its
kinda pointless, especially if your me, boring, retarded,
and lame, heh... Oh well, I dont' care today, it just sucks
Travis had to go flying thru a fence and brack his wrist,
but ya know, its not the end of teh world, just the end of
his MX season. Grrr...