Visions Of Life
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2002-05-30 03:20:51 (UTC)

Old Poems/Anti Poems

These are kind of old but I recently recovered them...


Victim of circumstance
Or so they say
Doe eyed angel among flames
Dancing among sinners
Drinking death and smoking poison
Yet she's innocent
Too smart, too good to be here
Or so they say
Lying naked in demons grasp
She had to be forced
For such a pure thing
Would never dream of such treachory
Someone else has to be to blaim

The Circle

Why do I let you hurt me
Why do I accept your sweet words
Knowing the lies held within
Why do I pretend to not see
Not hear, not feel
Am I protecting my own heart
Or keeping you on an ill deserved petastool
Why do I fall back in your arms
After you hit me, curse me, push me down
Why do i continue to love you
When you sure as fuck dont love me back


Waves caress an exposed form
Eyes follow the setting sun
Gulls fly in death like circles
The wind carries my silent plea
How long have i swam alone
Months. Days. Years
Waiting for a sign
Something I could grasp
And know the words you once whispered
Held truth