lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-05-30 03:08:29 (UTC)

summer of love

it's been officially declared by mal & me. the summer of
love. i don't really know why, since neither of us has a
boyfriend...but we're working on it. wait. whatever.

umm so yeah, 4 days of school, 3 days of finals.
shweeeet! yay yay yay! i am so freaking excited, you
don't even know!

plus i have a little concert tomorrow night & i'm kinda
excited for that cuz it's always cute kickin' it with my
school dogs.

hmm. oh yeah. i chose my classes. wanna hear? probably
not, but i'll tell you anyway!

honors bio
apush (us history, that is)
honors english
spanish III
photo I

yaaaaaaaay it's gonna be a good year. shoot now i'll have
the goodyear tire song in my head. ah maybe i better go.
i love you!!!!!!!