2002-05-30 02:46:24 (UTC)

the new guy that i met

HEY. oy! i met the FUNNIEST FUNNIEST guy today. He's so
nice, and so crazy/hyper, and so hot! lol. I met him at my
old skool's Grade 7 Orientation. and we started like this
moshpit, it was so awesome! The grade 7s didn't wanna come
out at first but i dragged one kid out.. then 3 of them
came, then 5, then 10, then the whole bleacher of kids. it
was soo sweet. My friend LOVES him. She just stared at
him for the whole day. She couldn't hear a single thing i
said when i was talkin to her. Yeah, anyways. He was just a
really really fun person to hang with.

Take care

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