my pathetic life
2002-05-30 02:28:32 (UTC)

james michael thomas

wazhappenin? well my bros new "band" is called james
michael thomas. idunno if it has happened yet but they will
probly be having some songs up on or sumtin soon. u
should check them out. they're funny. its their "christian"
rock band. its kinda a joke, but a good one.

well to day i wrote a really fun bass line i was proud.
lately ive been in a really good mood, and its great. i
havent felt this way in a very long time. i have decided
not to watch a lot of tv anymore. now instead i write
songs, sing, draw pictures and play music. its great cuz
before i didnt make a lot of time for these things. they
really make me happy and i hope i continue to do them. isnt
kinda sad, i traded doing things that make me happy for
watching tv. im such a stereotypical american. ahhhh, but
now its all good, IM HAPPY! wow this is an epiphany.

well today i was thinking.... this band twothirtyeight is a
really fucking great band. they are sooo sooo awsome.
mellow, happy, thought provoking. i would STONGLY suggest
that u download some of their songs and see if u like them.
cuz i do. its sad, they are soo good and not a lot of
people know about them, and i think if more people heard
them a lot more people would jump on the twothirtyeight
band wagon with me. its kinda sad that this great band
doesnt have a bigger following. i love them and if no one
else wants to, well your loss!

"Sleep safely in the hands of men."