Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-05-30 01:47:43 (UTC)

Screw You Mrs. Eagle...

Screw you!! I dont get it, I didnt have a lunch last
semester, and maybe I didnt get a million and twelve pieces
done, but I worked my ASS off, and the pieces I did get
done are done with great quality and care! I fought like
hell and work hard in proving that I could do it, just to
get into the fucking independant studies class, and I
proved you wrong when you said that I wouldn't be able to
do it, and I when I needed help... I went looking for you
Mrs. Eagle, and you werent there... you were the one not
putting forth effort!! And tell me this part of it... you
award me the "excellence in jewelry" award, but i dont get
the award at the art show for jewelry! Fuck you!!! I'll
show you how I feel and what I think just about that....
just you wait my little gerbil.... just you wait.

Anyways... yeah, now the award that I really did get
means nothing, its probably because she could only think of
me as the senior jewelry maker.... I cried, in the middle
of the art show, I dont even know why I went really.... no
one read the essay I wrote in there... and barely anyone
read my poems, let alone Emily's. I feel like shit! When I
started crying I went over to my mother and gave her a hug
(natural reaction) then after I backed away, Matthew pulled
me over and hugged me till I had no more tears.... it was
nice, and unexpected... Who really wants to do that...

That's all for now..... Ta ta.