Life as I know it.
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2001-06-13 06:59:47 (UTC)

I seriously just think he knows

...when Im starting to get over him, then he communicates
with me, and then im back in this limbo period. God I hate
men...boys, sorry to insult any real men out there who dont
like to fuck around with their ex-girlfriends head...thats
all I want right now...

.....okay so he is not fucking with my head, thats not the
case. It just seems when I finally have no temptation to
talk to him anymore and I can seriously start looking at
other guys in a new light (the light of a single girl) he
either im's me, calls me, or emails me........once in a
whle I see him walking down the street but that doesnt
bother me cause he can be thinking about other people other
than me, but when he makes the conscience effort to talk to
me, it bothers me, its like I like things black or white,
none of this grey shit of him being like "...but you might
have been that got away and i want to always be part of
your life I love you" shit of dumping my ass and moving
on. If he wanted to be part of my life he could have tried
to make thigns work...but he whimped out, cant take
confrontation, etc etc so on and so on. Why do I miss him
so much?

the jobless lovesick girl who wants to move on with her
life but is still too stupidly in love with a boy who has
no intentions of being with her.

PS--this sounds like a bad drama on TV or something....i
mean if it were tv like lets say "My so-called Life" I
would be claire danes and he'd be jared leto and in an hour
id be back with my own Jordan Catalano....it wont happen.
That is why TV rots the brain...