¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-05-29 23:13:23 (UTC)


It was shitty! Everyone said there was gonna be over 30
chicks there and only 8 were gonna make it, IF Mr Hudkins
was even gonna have Silk Line this year.. Grrrr. But I
showed up anyways and there was only 16 others there. 18 is
far from 30, so I dunno. I got my SAT scores back, needless
to say they sucked. My Basic Skills Total was a freakin 56,
and my Complete Battery Total is a freakin 44. Im too dumb.
I should just drop outta school, and I would if I could,
but I cant, so Im stuck. Its weird.. My highest score was
on the Underpinnings of Calculus, and I totally suck at
math.. I havent even passed Alegbra 1 yet.. can we say DUMB
ASS?? Geeeez. I need to do something just to chill out, go
see a movie or something.. lol But Im too fucking dumb to
even pass my learners, so there goes that idea! Someone
asked me today if it was true that I was pregnant..I got
really pissed. Everyone thinks Im some little whore or
something. What the fuck. So I was like "Oh yeah.. Im a
virgin, but Im pregant, go to hell." and I walked off...
People like that piss me off...Today was Bonnie's bday, I
feel really bad for not even saying Happy Bday to her, but
oh well.. Lifes a bitch, then you die. Right? Awards
Ceremony sucked ass! I didnt letter in wrestling or
anything.. all I got was some presidental fitness thing.
Geez life sucks. I pissed off Chris today. I called him a
fag and he called me a dirty hooker and got up and left.. I
said sorry but he ignored me.. So yeah. Adam got up early
and talked to me at 6:30am! Hes soo sweet. His family is
coming in for his graduation, so hes gonna be busy for
awhile.. So it sucks, cuz Im not gonna get to talk to him
for awhile. Well Im gonna go play pool....

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