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2002-05-29 22:59:08 (UTC)

I Got Laid Off

Wow, be careful what you wish for, huh? I got laid off
on Friday, and I didn't get any notice at all. Luckily, I
had already begun sending out my resume because I hated my
job so much, and I've got 4 interviews lined up for this
week...scratch that, someone else just called, now I have
5! I'm not really worried about finding a job. I just hope
it's one that pays as good as The Hungry Heart. I want to
be making at least $12/hr if I work full time, and
$13.50 /hr if it's part time. I don't just want that, I
NEED that to make rent and car payments and stuff. I
interviewed for a place up in Orange today, and although it
was a great job, it'll only be worth the commute if I get
35 hours (the ad said 30) or $14 /hr. I also went to a temp
agency for socal today, and I have to go back on Friday.
Tomorrow I have an interview in San Clemente at 10:30am
(I'm really not too thrilled about it, it sounds like
sales, so I might not do it), and I've got 2 on Friday, one
at 8:30 for a mail place, one at 11:00 for a mortgage
place, and then I have to go back to the temp place at
1:00. The job I want the most right now is the one I saw in
the Pennysaver for a Laguna Beach receptionist, because
it's so close and the lady seemed really nice on the phone.
She said 'Jim' would be calling me back tomorrow about an
interview, if he liked my resume. Tonight's my first night
of school, so I'm going to go now...bye!

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