The Amber Saga
2001-06-13 05:18:13 (UTC)

Starting today

Well, I am going to start my journal today. I had one last
summer, but I eventually got too tired to write in it. I'm
not going to go into all that crap about telling you about
myself, because that's retarded. I will tell you about my
shitty day. It didn't start out shitty. Sarah and I went to
breakfast with Tara at Shorty's. We saw some dog with
sunglasses and a baseball cap. Tara got a real kick out of
that, but silly things amuse her easily. When we got back
to Sarah's house we didn't do much. We had to borrow some
sliced cheese from her neighbor. First we went to some old
womans house and asked her, and she gave us this really
molded cheese. I felt kind of bad for her then. She told us
to cut it off, but that's still gross. We went to another
old womans house, she had exactly 4 pieces. I felt bad for
her too, because he husband is dead, and you could tell she
wanted to talk to us. After all that, burned grilled
cheeses were made on wheat bread. Yum. Sarah and I babysat
some kids after lunch. The little girl pissed on this
chair. God, it was funny. She told me she had sprinkles on
her hands, then she started crying because I was laughing.
Oh, yeah.. The kids had this GIANT fluffy cat, that
whenever you got near it, it snorted and growled at you. I
thought that was the funniest damn thing. I went home
around 6. First mom made us go to Krogers, where I was damn
near killed by some retard plowing through the checkout
line. I saw some cool hippies when we were walking in, but
when mom and I came out, the hippies had ran away. Let's
see.. We went home. I started reading some of my book on
the couch, but I got tired and decided to take a nap. My
little siesta was interupted by my dumbass dad telling me I
couldnt sleep on the couch because i was taking up too much
room. Bah. He had a cushion to set on, or he had the chair.
So I just slept on the floor. What fun that was. Later, I
got on the internet. Oooh.. I got called a bitch numerous
times. My boyfriend ran away, and I downloaded depressing
music. Currently, I'm writing this thing. I guess that'll
all for now. If I write tomorrow, I'll probably write what
happened after I stopped.