It's so empty w/o me
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2002-05-29 21:58:03 (UTC)


In high school it's always hard to figure out who is your
friend and who is your foe.Today we got yearbooks... and its
weird b/c when i was in ninth grade compared to now i hung
out with an entirely different group of people. This year
there is alot that has changed in my life including the
people I am friends with. One scene i remember from mr
graves math class is when courtney and taylor were
critiscizing my boyfriend of the time and i shot back with
why do u care anyways... and they saide because we're your
friends and i said yeah right whatever if you were my
friends we would actually hang out after school we're just
acquantinces. They both took it to heart and then courtney
ended up adopting the motto and i felt bad b/c my moment of
cynicism caught up with me. Courtney and Taylor are two of
my closest friends from school and all around. Now the way
ifigure it is that its not really the things i do with
people that make them my true friends. I thing a friend is
someone that i can talk too and trust with every thing. this
year i think that i have grown as a person as cliche as it
sounds. ALl though the reign of the three -o-so-cute
muskateers is coming to an end with taylor going of too new
mexico me and court will fo shor try to visit. and at least
have hour long phone conversations once a month cus all
though aim is all fine and dandy nothings better about
hearing the shrieks and moans outloud. Lets just not forget
our plans to hang out this summer somebody bee=tter get the
initiative and call!!!!! And don't worry court i will get
you the spiderman shirt and we will go shopping together so
we can get some phat jeans that fit our unique but so hard
to shop for bodies. And courtney dont be afraid to back that
ass up when walking by the infamous lunch table who likes to
gawk!!!!! I love both of you tay and court