Muh Life.. Muh Thoughts... Muh Dreams...
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2002-05-29 21:34:44 (UTC)

New Day.. New Thoughts

Well.. my school year is coming to an end.. THANK GOD!! If
you know me you know of my last journal. I had to start a
new one.. IE this one. You know what I thought of some
ppl.. and so forth. Well, I think alot of that has changed..
Like Mitch.. I used to hate his guts.. no joke.. and now
it's like I could stop in the halls and talk to him.. and
we are just fine... Same with Chase.. Chase and Mitch I was
literally afraid to talk to.. and I mean now it's no big
thing. I think that when ppl first met me they getthe wrong
impression.. and I know that sometimes I don't think too
highly of them either, but everyhing always works out. My
life is actually looking up for once. There's no drama or
BS.. except for the whole Louis thing, but who needs his
ass anways. LoL. I think that everybody has grown up alot..
and I hope that next year will REALLY kick ass. But.. I
think Imma go..
Later dayz everybody

Brynn AkA Brenolio..