Phil's Nonsense
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2001-06-13 05:02:09 (UTC)

A day

I didn't do anything today.

I slept till 2. I think I might have mono or something.
All I want to do is sleep. Doesn't matter how much I
sleep. It could be 4 hours, it could be 12 hours (like
last night), I am still tired. I can't stand it. I can't
remember what it's like to be well rested. No matter what
I do, I am always tired and just want to sleep.

So anyways, I woke up. Didn't have anything to do today,
so I didn't shower, just threw on some sweat clothes. My
room is like a refrigerator. My sister has the A/C on all
the time, don't know why, it's nice out. So it's summer
and I'm in sweats. I almost feel like I need a jacket. I
would close the ducts to my room, but there aren't any
ducts over the openings. Need to get those. . .

I made myself a sandwich, did stuff with my computer.
Watched Simpsons, got hungry again, ate, did stuff with my
computer. Watched Simpsons again, got hungry again, at
again, did stuff with my computer again. Here I am. I was
messaged once, and that was by my friend's girlfiend to ask
if I knew where her boyfriend was. Wow, that was
eventful. I didn't even get any e-mail.

Tomorrow's schedule isn't looking that much better, though
I think I will go rollerblading, and take the dogs out for
a run.

I think God is like me. He's up there, but he's sleeping.
No matter how much sleep, he still needs more.

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