2002-05-29 20:39:49 (UTC)


Its not like I know that I'm gonna see her tonight. Just
the thought of seeing her though, makes me bounce off the
walls. I imagine dancing with her, cheek to cheek. Seein
the way she moves. Watching her watching me. I wanna hold
her up and spin her around the dance floor. I wanna be
able to do the things that we didn't get to do on New
Years. I hope I get that chance soon. If we don't go
tonight though, I'll just keep these thoughts until we do
get our chance. I worked til 2:30 today. It was a pretty
boring day being the only non-full-timer there. At break
time I would sit and doodle our names together. Seeing how
many different ways I could spell her name. I think our
names look good together. One thing did happen though.
Dave from UPS was wondering how my dancing partner was. Oh
man, I almost started breaking up, but I held my composure
and asked him what he was talking about. I really played
dumb until he started talking about how she used to work
there and unload his truck. Then I went, oh, I know who
you're talking about.(hahaha) He asked if I heard anything
from her. I said that I got a couples e-mails from her.
She said she was doing fine and working at Honda. He asked
why she wasn't cutting hair. I said I wasn't sure. When
he asked if she ever says anything, I asked him if he meant
about him. That was too funny!! I think hes got the hots
for her.(hahahahaha) Anyway, he told me to tell her, he
said hi. If he asks again, I'm gonna kick his ass for
checking out my girl.(hahahaha) Oh well. I'm looking
forward to any chance that we might have together soon.
Brings a smile to my face any time I think about her. I
think I'll finish with a song. "I can feel your love but
there's one thing I can't do, I can't ever get enough of
you." Ok, BYE!!!

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