Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
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2000-12-31 20:06:53 (UTC)

Well, I m sorry that I didn t..

Well, I'm sorry that I didn't get to write last night, I
was getting my hair cut, I LOOK LIKE SHIT WITH BANGS!!! But
that's ok b/c I'm making it up right now, right? right!
Well after all, since it IS new years, I've made some new
years resolutions & I'd like to share them with you :o)
#1 Live MY own life
#2 Do what I can to make every1s life easier
#3 Lose all the weight I've gained after having my baby
#4 Be a better mom than I thought mine was to me
#5 Do what my doctors tell me

Regaurding resolution #5, that means when I get back to
Detroit I'll be under observation at the hospital for 2
weeks at the min for continuous weight loss & MPD.
UUUGGGHHH! Anyway, I'll write some more when the day's
over :o)
All my fuckin love,
~ ~
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