Randi Lynn

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2002-05-29 19:03:48 (UTC)


Lovely Day. Serious. Hehe. Umm, when i first got to school
I saw matt but I didnt wanna Interupt him..just to say hi,
besides he took off real fast. Third period is my study
hall, The gym class was kicked out of the gym, And there
was an assembly in ther efor freshmen, well some of the
freshmen came to the cafe, Fhalen, Freddy (My Ex), And
Tanya, tehre were a few otehrs that sat with me in my study
hall (Cafeteria..) i dunno their names, anyway we hung out,
it was coo. Oh, 4th period..Matt smiled at me. hehe.Yeah,
and we talked..as usual. And the girl behidn him, *Grr*
Asked us if we were going out *yet* heh, i didnt say
anything..neitehr did matt, But he did flip her off. This
guy, Matt...ehhh theres a word for his personality, i cant
put a name on it. Tanya said i have an Annoying laugh! im
so mad. Speaking of laughs, I like matts laugh (duh). Lunch
time -get this- I Went outside...And I TALKED TO PEOPLE.
Amazing, huh? Actully it was Pretty Much My Ex Boyfriend
and his Girlfriend. but thats cool, Because Matts friends
with them. And plus..I USED to be. I just somehow became a
social outcast and stopped tlaking to people. So im gonna
start again, FIGURES that its near the end of the year. but
its not as if im gonna hang around outside in the winter,
and I felt more comfortable at the beginning of the SCHOOL
year beacuse i had second lunch and people I knew better
were in that lunch. But They're sluts. Freddy, And
Christine, and Them that they hang with are the Nice
people. The rest of my day was boring and spent waiting for
tomorrow to come. Tahts what im doing right now. I Find
when im on the comptuer time passes fast, so instead of
doin productive shit im just hanging online and doing
homework, which i usually dont do at home becaus ei have
studyhalls at school, but see, When i have Essays that need
to eb typed thats when i have homework, and tomorrow im not
gonna be able to do my math homework so i broguh it home,
but im not gonna have math tomorrow because we have an
Awards assembly - I hope I get an Award..That would Impress
Matt, But I'd be Estatic, i really want one - and we miss
period 8, but if we go to that cklass for even a minute
then shes gonna look at our homework...OMG! I got it! ill
do my hoemowrk when im outside at lunch if im not
preoccupied, otherwise ill pray we dont go to that class. I
dont ususally blow off homwork, i get at least half of it
done before i blow the rest of it off. @[email protected] IF i blow it
off. Half credit is better than no credit and easier than
full credit and homework isnt worth much at all in her
clas,s ebcsue there isnt much and because tests are worth 4
times as much and i overall pass or get 80s on all my
tests, y passing i dont get any lower than a 73. Thats a D!
tahts horrible, but right now in her class i have a C.
Which is good. I have to print my english Research project,
My teach gave me paper ta do it. bai. I

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