life's a bitch..it just had puppies
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2001-06-13 04:00:52 (UTC)

its been a looong 2 days

i havent written in what seems like ages....or more like
over the weekend. but i had a weekend that i will never
forget...wellll..i might, but it had some good times. i
went with my church to lake san antonio for 4 days, and i
went wakeboarding..oh yes..the best water sport out
there..it was some major fun. well..i got there a day later
than some other people, because of finals. and it turns out
one of the jr guys named andrew, had some friends from
texas with him. oh boy oh boy!..you know a hot texan when
ya see one!..brent had shaggy bleached hair, and the most
beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen, its like hes been in
the ocean so much, the water transformed his eyes.
cheesy..i know, but they seemed that way. so brent was a
big flirt but also very cute. then there was ben...this ben
boy, was what i call the boy of my dreams.(now i call him a
boy, cuz i dont like calling guys, men, they arent men..im
trying to stall my life from becoming too serious) ben was
the quiet type, but you can tell he has soo much to say.
but...he wont say it, hes waiting for someone to come
around who offers to hear what he feels. he sits their
while brent goes off in the center of attention, while ben
watches everyone and figures them out, since he doesnt
really know everyone. ben lived in bako two years ago, but
his dad was transfered to texas, while he was their, i
think he met some of the people he'll love for the rest of
his life. i can tell he misses texas already. i dont know
if the fire he had in his heart was for God or just for
people to be who "they" are, not what everyone wants them
to be. but i know he is very mature in his own way, and i
really want to get to know him better, he is cute, and he
interests me. i hope he isnt self centered and gets an ego
around his friends. i know i dont like him, cuz i cant be
like that, i dont even really know him, just had a mild
talk. but i think when i DO get to know him, i wont be able
to get him out of my head..wow! i wrote alot!...ok

so i started summer school..yea..it sucks i dont even have
to be there to. so i dont see y my parents are making me
go..this sucks so bad!...time to stop complaining though,
im gonna go take a shower..toodles!

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