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2002-05-29 17:57:38 (UTC)


man today has been really boaring... lets see what exciting
stuff have i did today...

I woke up, ate, pitched with my sister, took a shower, and
now i'm writing in my diary.

well when my mom get home i have to go to work that should
be fun. i love my job! it is so much fun and you get to
make a difference with our peers. it's great. plus if
anyone has a question about drugs or sex i know the answer
it's great we get to learn all this stuff and everthing.

then i guess i'm going to see if i can get a ride back from
church if i can't i guess i'll go to my brothers baseball

well i can finish telling you what i did yesterday.... lets
see... i calles brandon and we talked for a while, he's
going to pick me up for our chorus party thing. he's really
nice when he's not trying to show off. then me and my mom
and nolan and kiersten went to look at land and then we
went to the store. then we when to the car wash whitch was
kinda fun. then we came home and i watched who's line is it
anyway? i love that show it is soo funny! wow these summer
day are pack full of adventure.

firday is church camp!