Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-05-29 17:39:22 (UTC)

13 Years Of Work

Well....monday i worked on my porfolio and exhibition. I
finished and presented them on tuesday. Of course i passed
with flying colors. everyone loves me....of couse they all
gave me high scores. :-P

So yeah. I also picked up my cap and gown order form. I
even picked up some invitations. 19 more days and i'll be
walking down that aisle.

I cant believe it. i completely fucked up for two of my
highschool years yet i will be walking down that aisle with
my class. I even finished early. and i have a 3.5 gpa for
10-12th grade. Fuck. i pulled it off. I'd give myself a pat
on the back but my arm doesnt bend that way. :-P

well....i am chatting with jessica. i told her about Ryan.
I hope things finally work out with me and him. I really
like him. last thing i need is another heart break. fuck. I
really dont want to lose this one. He's nice, funny, has a
job, has lots of money, very sincere, has a car, has
beautiful eyes and a great smile, he likes to talk, he
likes to laugh (he tears when he laughs to hard)...man this
guy is perfect. Well at least close to it.

I guess the reason i like him so much is because he can
offer me stability.

fuck. well i am gonna go clean my room. laters all.